Welcome to Coventry Catholic

Primary School Sports Association

Welcome back to another action packed school year. Thank you to all who atteneded the AGM back in July, and the fixture meeting in September.

This year we have continued to have every Catholic Primary School in the city competeing which is a testament to the hard work and endevours of all those associated to the Coventry Catholic Primary School Sports Association.

This years event co-ordinators are:

Football: Mr Eamonn Carroll (St John Vianney Catholic Primary School)

Netball: Mrs Sarah McDevitt (St Osburg’s Catholic Primary School)

Swimming: Mrs Michelle Garvey (Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School)

Cross Country: Mr Paul Cooper (Holy Family Catholic Primary School)

Athletics: Mr Michael Kirby (St Thomas More Catholic Primary School)

Cricket: Mr Andrew McConville (Christ the King Catholic Primary School)

GAA: Mr Andrew McConville (Christ the King Catholic Primary School)

Girls Football: Mr Robert Youson (All Souls Catholic Primary School)

Chair: Mr Andrew McConville (Christ the King Catholic Primary School)

Treasurer: Kerri Barwell (St Thomas More Catholic Primary School)

Upcoming Events

Current Donnal Kenny Leaderboard

This is the table for 2015-16 an will be updated for this year as the event results are received.

1. – Christ the King School (SGW2, GXC1, BXC1, H5L1, FL3) 42 pts
2. – St Thomas More School (SGW1, GXC3, BXC2, H5L7, FL4) 33 pts
3. – Holy Family School (SGW4, GXC2, BXC3, H5L6, FL5) 31 pts
3. – All Souls School (SGW5, GXC7, BXC4, H5L2, FL1) 31 pts
5. – Sacred Heart School (SGE2, GXC4, BXC6, H5L4, FL4) 30 pts
6. – Corpus Christi School (SGE1, GXC4, BXC8, H5L6, FL2) 29 pts
7. – St John Vianney School (SGW3, GXC6, BXC5, H5L3, FL8) 25 pts
8. – Good Shepherd School (SGE3, H5L1, FL3) 23 pts
9. – St John Fisher School (SGE5, H53, FL5) 17 pts
9. – St Anne’s School (H5L2, FL1) 17 pts
11. – Our Lady of the Assumption School (SGW6, H5L8, FL5) 11 pts
12.  – St Osburg’s School (BXC7, H5L5, FL8) 10 pts
12. – St Augustine’s School (H5L9, FL1) 10 pts
14. – St Elizabeth’s School (H5L5, FL6) 9 pts
14. – St Mary and Benedict’s School (H5L4, FL7) 9 pts
16. – St Gregory’s School (SGE4, H5L9, FL9) 8 pts
17. – St Patrick’s School (H5L7, FL7) 6 pts
18. – SS Peter & Paul School (H5L8, FL8) 2 pts


SGE – Swimming gala East            SGW – Swimming gala West       BXC – Boys Cross Country       GXC – Girls Cross Country       H5L – High 5 League       H5C – High 5 Cup       FL – Football League                                                                                       FC – Football Cup      RF – Rally Football        RH5 – Rally High 5
Events are scored: 1st = 9pts 2nd = 8pts 3rd = 7 pts and so on, with the exception of cup competitions. Please see sport pages for this.